Getting Facebook Likes In A Noisy Atmosphere


Getting Facebook Likes In A Noisy Atmosphere

It is tough getting Facebook likes for your page in this noisy social media Atmosphere.

A lot of people are always looking for tips, and tricks to get likes for their fan page, but the truth is, there is no secret way.

Engage, engage, engsge!!! I have found that the best way to gain likes for your Facebook page is to like other pages with similar interests, and engage in the content that is posted from them.

Make sure it is natural, and relevant. Do not spam you page on other pages, or groups, because that is a surefire way to get blocked, and banned.

If you engage in content naturally, people will see this, and generally visit your page, and if you have quality content, they will like your page.

Getting Facebook Likes – Content Is King

The ultimate goal is to provide as much value to your fans as humanly possible! Maybe post an infographic related to your niche, or post high quality photos that create a buzz. Creating great content is what will either make, or break a successful fan page.

Getting Facebook Likes – Keeping Facebook Likes

Remember, once you get people to like your page on Facebook, they can also unlike it. A great way to sustain your fans is to always reply to comments, and keep the quality content, and value coming.

Attracting Passionate Fans

I use a product called Facesniper to extract audiences from specific pages, and groups. It is the best Facebook tool that I use, although I do not use many. This program allows you to extract USER IDs, and E-Mail addresses from any page, or group on Facebook. Once you extract the fans, you can invite them to your page. Facebook allows you to keep inviting people until you have 5,000 fans. This program only extracts active members from the page, so you know that they are all people that are passionate about the subject.

If you have any questions about getting more fans, followers, and friends, feel free to ADD me at



I am a young entrepreneur, that has a purpose driven life to help people create value, have success, and meet goals within life, and in the marketplace. How can I help you?

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